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Did you know?

The Department of Education works in partnership with community and families to support Aboriginal students.

What is provided?

Aboriginal students are provided with:
  • an inclusive approach to teaching and learning that values their community and culture
  • support through targeted programmes and through Aboriginal workers attached to some schools
  • access to specific Aboriginal career pathway programmes and opportunities
  • support through the provision of curriculum resources which focus on Tasmanian Aboriginal histories, perspectives and culture.

For your child

All Aboriginal students will have a Personalised Learning Plan. This plan will:
  • be developed in partnership with you, your child and their teacher(s)
  • assist the school in understanding how to build on community and cultural connections
  • identify specific goals for learning.

For you

You are welcome to assist with a range of activities including:
  • Excursions and in-class support
  • sharing your stories and background
  • involvement in parent organisations.

Be involved in your child’s school

  • Make yourself known to the principal and teachers.
  • Ask about forums for Aboriginal parents and community.
  • If your school or Child and Family Centre employs an Aboriginal education field worker then talk to them:
    • Aboriginal Early Yearly Liaison Officers – Early Years
    • Aboriginal Education Workers – Primary
    • Aboriginal Education Officers – Secondary

Early Learning

  • Schools and Child and Family Centres offer early years programmes to support families and young children’s learning and transition into school.
  • These include birth to 5 initiatives, Launching into Learning and pre-Kinder sessions. Parents and children attend these together.

Where can I get more information?

  • More information can be provided by contacting your child’s teacher or principal.
  • Visit the Department of Education website:

Download the Print version of brochure

 Support for Aboriginal students in Tasmanian Government Schools



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