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Internet-Intranet Project



1. Internet-Intranet Project

The Department is upgrading its public Internet and staff Intranet websites during 2012.

The new public Internet website went live in early October 2012 and will continue to be developed over the coming months.

The new staff Intranet website went live on the 21st December 2012 (see below).

The following video gives an introduction to this project.


During this project thousands of web pages are being upgraded or archived. This has created some problems where some internet links and users' local bookmarks no longer work.

Thank you for your patience while staff in Business Units work through these issues.

2. Public Internet

If you search the Department's website via an external search engine such as Google or Bing you may encounter broken links. Please search again from within the Department's website.

3. Staff Intranet

The new DoE staff Intranet went live on 21st December 2012 after lengthy consultation and testing.

Business Units migrated high priority information and documents to the new Intranet during December and the remaining information and resources will be added during January.

Local user bookmarks will no longer work after 24th Dec, 2012. Please use the search box to locate information and documents.

If you can't locate the information you are looking for please get in touch with the relevant business unit. Their contact information is listed on the 'Who we are' page. If the Business unit can't locate the information please contact

3.1 Team Sites

In parallel with the upgrade of the Internet and Intranet staff online collaboration sites are also being upgraded by ITS.

All migrated team sites will live here: (NB: only your team / section has access)

All migrated initiatives / projects sites will live here: (NB: project / initiative sites that have selective permissions / membership)

All migrated apps (atm only Minfo and Executive Tracking system exist )will live here:

The final transfer of existing team sites / project sites to the new Sharepoint 2010 intranet based sites will occur on Friday 21 Dec – from then on all 2003 and 2007 ie: (sharing / myplace) environments will be turned to read only for no more than 2 months, before decommissioning.

The current Intranet at will not be accessible to DoE staff from 24 Dec. (\Administrative staff in Business Units will have access for another 2 months, before it too is decommissioned.)

If you believe that your site has not been migrated yet, and wish to do so, please log a call with the HelpCentre.
Phone: 6232 7799
Fax: 6233 0588
Web Portal (preferred option):

3.2 Intranet Project Background

The upgrading of the DoE staff Intranet was initiated by the DoE Executive and implementation was managed through the Internet-Intranet Advisory Group which has members representing:

  • Early Years and Schools
  • Corporate Services including Business Support Services, Human Resources, Marketing Services and Information and Technology Services
  • Further Education and Training
  • LINC Tasmania

See the following video for some background to this project.


3.3 Feedback

Feedback can be emailed to
or you can complete this quick survey.

3.4 Help

Help videos and intructions can be found on the Accessibility Page for the following topics

  • Resizing the screen
  • Using search
  • Accessing the archive of the Department's website


Updated: 24 December 2012

Internet-Intranet Project Advisory Group

4. New and Future Developments

The following section shows some page features that have been implemented or are being considered for use on this site.

We welcome further suggestions and feedback.

Proposal to add Twitter to front page of Internet. [Staff access only]




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