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Tasmanian Curriculum

Tasmanian Curriculum Information

The Tasmanian Curriculum remains the required curriculum for schools for some learning areas while the Australian Curriculum is being implemented.

Information about the areas of the Tasmanian Curriculum can be accessed by selecting the appropriate section below.


Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing enables students to understand the factors that contribute to the wellbeing of themselves, others and the community. 

Health and wellbeing K-10 syllabus and support materials​

The Arts

Dance, Drama, Media, Music and Visual Art, enable students to communicate, creatively problem solve, express themselves, exercise their imaginations and develop values and skills for life and learning.

The Arts K-10 syllabus and support materials​

Vocational and Applied Learning

Vocational and Applied Learning enables students to understand the world of work and technology and develop knowledge and skills to assist their learning across the curriculum areas, and to help them fulfill rich educational, life and career pathways.

Vocational and Applied Learning K-10 syllabus​

Information and Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies enable students to communicate, create, disseminate, store, and manage information in all areas of the curriculum.

Information and communication technologies are tools that enable students to develop operational skills to inquire, create and communicate across all curriculum areas.

ICTs K-10 syllabus

LOTE – Languages Other Than English

Learning another language enables students to communicate more effectively in an increasingly globalised world.

K-10 LOTE syllabus and support materials







Australian Curriculum

In 2013 all Department of Education schools will plan, teach and assess using the F-10 History curriculum and may opt to implement the F-10 Geography curriculum.


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