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Final Report: Tasmania's Public VET Reform Implementation Plan - Final December 2013


The establishment of TasTAFE (from 1 July 2013) was not a return to the original TAFE structures, but rather a response to concerns about the confusion about identity, service delivery, access to resources and support, and industrial issues experienced in the current public VET system.

The changes aimed to enable Tasmania's VET system to respond quickly and flexibly to the needs of individuals and industry, and are occurred in several stages over the 12-18 months.

The reforms were overseen by a cross-agency Steering Committee, chaired by the Secretary of the Department of Education.  The Committee included the CEO of TasTAFE.

A project team and a number of cross-agency working groups re supported the steering committee’s Implementation Plan in areas including:

  • legislation and governance
  • human resources
  • programs, enrolments and services
  • finance
  • technology and systems
  • marketing, branding and communication.

What are the timeframes?*

Project Timeline March

​What will happen to corporate services?

There will be no immediate changes to the provision of corporate services. 

Both the Polytechnic and TSI currently utilise corporate services provided by the Department of Education.  These arrangements will continue in the first instance, to ensure that the focus of TasTAFE is on teaching and learning outcomes and meeting the needs of industry and business, rather than managing the requirements of corporate services.

Once the new organisation is operating in a sound financial position and demonstrates that greater local control is warranted, the arrangements relating to the provision of corporate services to TasTAFE may be reviewed.


What will happen to the assets and infrastructure of the Polytechnic and TSI?

The Report recommends that the assets and infrastructure of both organisations be vested in the Crown, at least for the foreseeable future. 

The approach taken towards the management of the assets and infrastructure of the Polytechnic and TSI will be along similar lines to the approach taken towards corporate services. 

This means that TasTAFE will commence with a strong focus on meeting the needs of its clients, and any matters related to assets and infrastructure will be addressed after this establishment phase.


Implementation Project Team

A small group has been established to support the implementation phase. 

The role of the Implementation Project Team includes providing support to individual working groups, as well as a coordination role across all working groups, and managing the registration process of TasTAFE through ASQA.

The project team is also responsible for providing timely and regular communication to all stakeholders until the appointment of the CEO and establishment of TasTAFE is complete.

To contact the implementation project team, please email


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