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Messages to TSI and Poly staff


High school and college staff


Staff consultations

Over the course of 2012, several rounds of consultation sessions have been held across the state to enable staff from the Polytechnic and TSI to participate in information/input sessions in each region. 

The sessions provide staff with the opportunity to obtain information and engage in discussion about the implementation process and creation of the new entity, TasTAFE. 

Feedback gained from the sessions is valuable and is used to inform the work of relevant working groups.

More sessions will be held in 2013.


Teacher Registration

The Government accepted Ms Simmons’ recommendation that teacher registration be extended across TasTAFE.

The Teachers Registration Board already registers VET sector teachers working in the Tasmanian Polytechnic and other school settings.  As mentioned in Ms Simmons’ report, quite a number of teachers in the Tasmanian Skills Institute are also registered, notwithstanding that this is currently not mandatory.  For many teachers, therefore, extension of registration to TasTAFE will mean a continuation of the current arrangements.

Amendments will need to be made to the Teachers Registration Act to extend registration to TasTAFE.  This is being managed by the Legislation Working Group as part of the package of legislation that is being developed. 

Information on the detail of these amendments is available in the Teacher Registration in TasTAFE paper. 


2013 update

Over the past few weeks, the Teachers Registration Board has been working with the TasTAFE implementation team to ensure a process is in place to assist relevant TSI and Polytechnic staff with teacher registration for 2014.

Over the coming months, a series of statewide campus visits and information sessions will be held by the TRB outlining the registration process and what documentation you need to have for your registration.

In the second part of 2013, information will be provided via the TasTAFE Staff Update on how to lodge your registration application.  Additional information sessions will be held as required.

Remember, TSI teaching staff will not need to be registered until 1 January 2014 – this means that there will be plenty of time and support for everyone to complete their registration process by the end of 2013.

*Please note that registration information on the TRB website currently relates to teachers who are undertaking the registration process for this year.  Specific information for TasTAFE staff will be made available once the current registration period finishes.




If I am a VET teacher, why will I need to be registered?

The Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania (TRB) is responsible for registering all Tasmanian teachers.

The purpose of registration is to ensure that all teachers are competent educators who have appropriate teaching qualifications, are of good character and fit to teach.

The TRB already registers VET sector teachers working in the Tasmanian Polytechnic and other school settings. Many of these teachers hold what is known as specialist VET registration. This registration pathway was introduced to recognise the expertise, qualifications and experience of the VET sector teachers.  As part of the changes to legislation, the Teachers Registration Act will be amended to ensure it better reflects registration in the VET sector.

By the beginning of 2014 all teachers in TasTAFE will need to be registered or, where appropriate, have obtained ‘permission to teach’.  For some staff this will be the first time they will have to seek registration.  For many others, in fact the majority of teachers working in the sector, this will simply mean a continuation of their current registration status.

During 2013 the Teachers Registration Board will make sure that information is made available to Skills Institute and Polytechnic teachers via newsletters, visits to campuses and other sites as required. 

Advice will also be provided to individuals if they make contact with the Board to support those who would like assistance with this process. 

If you have a question about your particular circumstance that you feel you need to address prior to the process outlined above, please contact Kerrie Moss at the Teachers Registration Board on 6233 5682 or email


I work in Corporate Services – what do the changes mean for me?

There is no change to the current arrangements for staff in the Corporate Services Division. 

Corporate services for TasTAFE will continue to be provided by the Department of Education until such time as the new organisation is operating from a financially sound position and the arrangements need to be reviewed.

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