Latest News

  • School Levy Relief for 2020
    Today the Tasmanian Government has announced there will be school levy relief for all parents/carers in Tasmanian Government schools. What does this mean for parents/carers? If you have paid the…
  • New Professional Learning Days for Schools
    Four student free days in the lead up to Easter will enable essential professional learning and planning time for school teachers and support staff in Government schools to focus on…
  • Learning at home – support
    In the event of a site closure your school will communicate with you. Your school may move some or all your child’s learning into online spaces. They may also use…

Recent Publications

Parent Fact Sheets

Parent Fact Sheets provide parents and carers with key information from the early years and beyond.


DoE Annual Key Data 2018/19

The report provides an overview of key data of the Department as at March 2019.


2020 Student Guide Years 11/12

Information on 2020 TASC courses and VET programs available for students planning a course of study in Years 11 and 12.