Latest News

  • Huon Valley School Bus Service Update
    School Bus Information UPDATE 15 February: Some school bus services will continue to be in an amended state to cater for the reopening of all schools. A new plan for…
  • Take Action Every Day
    The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence is Australia’s key anti-bullying event for schools in 2019. This year, the theme is Bullying, No Way. Take Action Every Day.…
  • Schools reopening schedule for those affected by bushfires
    The Department of Education is pleased to announce that a firm plan has now been established to allow those schools in the Huon Valley that have been affected by bushfires…

Recent Publications

Parent Fact Sheets

Parent Fact Sheets provide parents and carers with key information from the early years and beyond.


DoE Annual Key Data 2017/18

The report provides an overview of key data of the Department as at March 2018.


Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy

This Strategy supports the implementation of the Wellbeing Goal across all learning environments.


2019 Student Guide Years 11/12

Information on 2019 TASC courses and VET programs available for students planning a course of study in Years 11 and 12.