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  • Educational Adjustments – disability funding, meeting learner needs
    In 2020 a new nation leading disability funding approach will be rolled out across Tasmanian Government schools. Educational Adjustments – disability funding, meeting learner needs will make a huge difference…
  • Tasmanian students have a say in their wellbeing
    The Government has released the data from the Student Wellbeing Survey that Tasmanian government school students completed during Term 3 2019 with a total of 95 per cent of Tasmanian…
  • Working Together
    A review of our Working Together – Supporting Early Learning pilot, conducted earlier this year confirmed its success, with early positive changes and benefits observed. The pilot offered up to…

Recent Publications

Parent Fact Sheets

Parent Fact Sheets provide parents and carers with key information from the early years and beyond.


DoE Annual Key Data 2018/19

The report provides an overview of key data of the Department as at March 2019.


2020 Student Guide Years 11/12

Information on 2020 TASC courses and VET programs available for students planning a course of study in Years 11 and 12.