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It’s A Great Start

The Department of Education recently launched an exciting new Early Years website for parents titled It’s a Great Start. The website provides easy to access information about programs for the early years offered through the Department of Education, these include Child and Family Centres (CFCs), Launching into Learning (LiL), Kindergarten, Learning in Families Together (LIFT) and LINC early years programs e.g. Rock and Rhyme, and Storytime.

The website is easy to navigate and includes engaging videos to present the information to parents. There are also links to useful video resources to support parents with their child’s learning.

Children learn a lot in the early years of life and early learning programs give children the very best start to life as they learn, grow and discover the world around them.

Tasmania’s early years programs are building happier, healthier lives for young Tasmanians together. For more information please visit:

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