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New Education Act commences on 10 July

On 10 July 2017, the Education Act 2016 (passed by Parliament in November 2016) commenced along with the legislative framework of the Education Regulations 2017, 13 Ministerial Instructions and nine Secretary’s Instructions detailing operational matters related to the Education Act.

This is a significant milestone, as the first time in more than 20 years that Tasmania has an updated Education Act, which provides a strong foundation for improving the education outcomes for all Tasmanians.

The Education Act provides every child and young person in Tasmania with the opportunity to continue to learn and reach their full potential, so they can live fulfilling lives and contribute positively to our community.

The Act is a contemporary and cohesive legislative framework that has been shaped by input from education stakeholders over two years of extensive consultation, including consideration of more than 1 000 responses from three rounds of consultation.

Thank you to everyone who has given their feedback throughout the Education Act Review, the consultation on the draft Bill and the work underway on implementation.

For more information, see Education Act Implementation.