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Respectful Relationships Education Package Launched

Domestic and family violence is never acceptable and everyone has a responsibility to act. Our children are the key to stopping the next generation of family violence.

An essential element of the Tasmanian Government’s Safe Homes, Safe Families Action Plan has been the development of an extensive range of resources targeted at supporting schools, communities and individuals to understand why family violence occurs and how to reduce the occurrence in our community.

The Department of Education has developed a fully comprehensive Respectful Relationships Education resource, Birth to Year 12, for all Tasmanian schools.

Respectful Relationships Education is a whole community approach to teaching and reinforcing a culture of creating and maintaining respectful relationships with everyone.

It is pivotal to ensuring schools support students to understand and build respectful relationships throughout life and support attitudinal change to family violence.

At the centre of this initiative is an online and publicly available resource (Respectful Relationships Education package) identifying strategies, processes and skills to guide schools and communities in the explicit teaching of respectful relationships.

Respectful Relationships Education will support families and communities to ensure students understand how to interact with others and to develop positive respectful relationships as they grow and become adults themselves.

Throughout 2017 schools across Tasmania are engaging with Respectful Relationships Education within their context. This has included; alignment with the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education, whole-school audit and planning and staff engaging with professional learning.

Respectful Relationships Education will be implemented in all Tasmanian Government schools by the end of Term 1 2018, within their context.

Schools are encouraged and supported to engage with their communities, ensuring that children have every opportunity to understand and learn how to develop and maintain respectful relationships throughout their lives.

Parents are welcome to familiarise themselves with the Respectful Relationships Education package by either approaching their local school or by visiting the Respectful Relationships Website at