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Celebrating the power of families learning together during 26TEN Week

Last week was 26TEN week where adults and children across Tasmania celebrated the power of learning together as a family. Over 40 organisations hosted 80 activities at schools, local councils, child care centres, play groups and other 26TEN member organisations.

A great example is what’s happening in the 26TEN Derwent Valley Community at ptunarra Child and Family Centre.

There was around 50 children and their families from six schools reading a story and then enjoying activities focused on numeracy, such as measuring water with cups and spoons. Reading, talking, singing and playing with children from the time they are born supports their language development, and gives them the best possible start. Parents and carers can have the most significant impact on their children’s development as their most important educator in the early years.

Even if adults have low literacy they can still support their children through telling stories from pictures and using words to describe everyday activities. It can be as simple as visiting the grocery store or catching the bus.

Parents and carers who want to improve their own literacy skills, and be more confident reading with their children can get help by talking to their local child and family centre, or calling 26TEN on 1300 002 610.

Many parents and carers have already benefitted from learning with 26TEN. They can now read with their children, help with homework and read notes sent home by teachers.

26TEN highlights the important role that families play in raising literacy in Tasmania.