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Tasmania’s Strategy for Children – Pregnancy to Eight Years 2018-2021

Tasmania’s Strategy for Children – Pregnancy to Eight Years 2018-2021 was officially launched today. It will help us achieve our collective vision of ‘Children Thriving in Strong Connected Communities’ through a focus on quality, equity and partnerships.

Implementing the Strategy will assist in fostering a culture of quality and collaborative partnerships across sectors and government where all those working in the early years see children as capable and competent and act to ensure the voices of children are heard and responded to in a positive way.

The Strategy was co-developed through extensive collaboration across government agencies, the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector, educators across all sectors, parents and community members.

To assist Service Providers and the community to understand and use Tasmania’s Strategy for Children, a supporting document and guide has been developed, which assists users to read and use both Tasmania’s Strategy for Children, and the Service Providers Strategy for Children.

As part of Tasmania’s Strategy for Children A Service Providers – Action Plan template is included. This allows any early years service provider to identify their focus areas in line with their service’s context, policies and identified priorities to collectively work towards the vision of the Strategy.

More information is available from this webpage