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Anything Can Happen Campaign

Today we launched a brand new public campaign, ‘Anything Can Happen’, which focuses on encouraging our young people to remain engaged in education and training through to Year 12.

The vast majority of today’s jobs require a Year 12 qualification or higher, and employers are looking for people who are connected, resilient, creative and curious thinkers.

In response to this evidence, Tasmania’s new Education Act 2016 requires that, from 2020, all young people must remain in education or training until they complete Year 12, achieve a Certificate III or turn 18 years of age.

The Department maintains a strong focus on improving the transition of students from Year 10 into Years 11 and 12 to support retention, and it is important that we are promoting a clear, public message that resonates with both students and their parents/carers that school doesn’t end in Year 10.   The campaign is being launched now in order to have maximum impact on those students who are yet to enrol in senior secondary courses this year, or who are enrolled but plan not to attend in the coming weeks.

It consists of a TV advertisement, which will initially run for a two week period and will air from Sunday 4th February, and is supported by a dedicated website that provides students and their parents with a single resource detailing all of the options available for education and training in Tasmania after Year 10, and ways that they can find out more information about these.

The Department undertook a comprehensive research and testing phase when developing this campaign in order to better understand the issue of why students were dropping out of school or not attending school.  Unequivocally, young people liked the use of comedy and reverse psychology as a way to draw attention to an important issue, and also believed that the simplicity of the concept assisted with understanding it.  They felt that the communication was clear, and they understood the key message in that if they stay at school there would be so many more opportunities available to them.

We are encouraging communities to support and share this campaign amongst school communities, colleagues, friends and families.  It is so important that we continue to do all we can to promote the importance of young people remaining in education or training in Tasmania, in order for them to realise their full potential and set them up for a bright future ahead.

Visit for more information about the campaign.