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DoE White Ribbon Accreditation

If you or someone you know is impacted by family violence, call the Safe at Home Family Violence Response and Referral Line on 1800 633 937 or visit As one of the largest employers in Tasmania and leading the education of Tasmania’s children, DoE is in a unique position to make a real difference to preventing violence and abuse of women in our state.

The White Ribbon Organisation provides a range of education and supports aimed at stopping all types of violence and abuse by men against women.

We are pleased to announce that the Department has been granted ‘White Ribbon Accreditation’.  The accreditation recognises the work that we are doing across the Department to: address the causes of violence against women, including through our Respectful Relationships education resources; provide support to those affected by family violence; and promote gender equality in our workplaces.

Undertaking the accreditation process has inspired all areas of the Department to work together to end violence against women and support those affected by it.  We have created a range of family violence resources that have been distributed to all workplaces; trained managers in how to appropriately respond to a disclosure of family violence by an employee; and supported schools and workplaces to undertake risk assessments that will help identify potential risks relating to violence against women. We are committed to continuing this work over the following months and years.

Although there is no single cause of violence against women and their children, the latest international evidence shows there are certain factors that consistently predict – or drive – higher levels of violence against women. These include beliefs and behaviours that reflect disrespect for women, low support for gender equality and adherence to rigid or stereotypical gender roles, relations and identities.

Our Strategic Plan Learners First, Every Learner Every Day, identifies Respect and Courage as two of our core values.  I believe that our commitment to these values, combined with a workforce that is made up of so many strong, talented female role models (over 70% are women), and our ability to influence so many Tasmanians through our Child and Family Centres, schools and LINCs, means that we are uniquely placed to directly address factors negatively influencing violence against women and children. Together we can help create a future where women and children live free from violence.

More information is available from our Family Violence and White Ribbon webpage.