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Dr Laura Jana – early childhood really is everybody’s business!

Dr. Jana is a paediatrician, educator, author and international communicator committed to making sure all children have the support, skills, and tools they need to succeed in school, work and life. Dr. Jana understands the importance and lifelong benefits of nurturing healthy development pregnancy to 4 years and the role everyone can play to ensure all Tasmanian children get a great start.

Today, Dr. Laura Jana has held a number of conversations at early year’s events across the state, hosted by the B4 Early Years Coalition (B4), in partnership with The Peter Underwood Centre University of Tasmania.

A key event has been the Inaugural B4 Tasmanian Business and the Early Years Luncheon where Dr. Jana presented to a number of key Tasmanian Business Leaders on the critical relationship, connection, and interdependency between the early years and business. Dr. Jana recognises mixing business with early childhood, at least at first glance, often strikes people as unusual, but is, in fact, the most strategically beneficial investment business can make for Tasmania’s future.

Dr. Jana has worked hard to bridge the divide between the early years and the business sector, building the case and the understanding between all sectors of the need to invest early. She most recently served as Director of Innovation at the University of Nebraska Medical Centre’s College of Public Health, and currently holds a faculty appointment at Penn State University’s Prevention Research Centre.

Dr. Jana also presented a Horizon Seminar through the Peter Underwood Centre University of Tasmania. The focus of this seminar was making the connections with academics, educators, policymakers and the community sector with early year’s research, policy, and knowledge.  Exploring and highlighting the opportunities of these connections for Tasmania’s children.

As stated by David Clements, B4 Co-Chair:

“B4 is proud to host Dr. Jana and support Tasmania to have the conversations we all need to have about the early years. Sound investment in the early years means getting it right for life for children. Every one of us has a role to play to ensure Tasmania gets it right for our future”.

B4 supports and connects organisations, and individuals from across Tasmania who are passionate and committed to working together to ensure every child in Tasmania, from pregnancy to 4 years is cared for and nurtured no matter what.

Supporting young children and their families in the early years offers a unique opportunity to build happier, healthier lives for young Tasmanians.

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