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The Orb Website Launched

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The Department of Education (DoE) understands that Tasmanian Aboriginal culture is a living culture that is deeply informed by the past.

The DoE is excited to announce a new online multimedia resource, known as The Orb, which will provide teachers with a wide range of materials to assist in the teaching of Tasmanian Aboriginal Histories and Cultures.

The Orb is an innovative approach to supporting teacher practice and will be available globally online. The resource has three sections: Living Cultures, Layers of Time and Connection to Place.

Today’s launch features the Living Cultures sections which includes resources for Ochre, Dance, Muttonbirding, Fibres, Shelters and Stone Tools. Layers of Time and Connection to Place will be added to The Orb over the next year.

The Orb supports the DoE’s determination that Aboriginal Education is for all students (in fact all Tasmanians) and that the recognition of First Peoples is an important step in strengthening the belonging that Tasmanian Aboriginal students and parents can feel towards schooling and education in general.

Tasmanian Aboriginal people are the primary voice in this resource. Their stories are content-based and autobiographical. The audience is invited to walk with them and to develop empathy for their story. The Aboriginal speakers appearing in The Orb are from multiple generations, families and communities.

It is a culturally responsive resource that reflects local values and knowledge. Visit The Orb at: