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Increasing our teaching workforce

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As part of the More Teachers, Quality Teaching four year Action Plan, over the next 6 years, we will have 358 more staff employed in our public education system. This will include 250 additional teachers and 80 additional teacher assistants

This is the largest ever teacher recruitment drive for Tasmanian Government Schools and is part of our record investment in our education system.We will be commencing the next stage of this recruitment drive shortly.

We will be advertising nationally in print and social media, and we encourage eligible teachers both in Tasmania and around the country to come and make a difference to Tasmanian Learners.

The increase provides a huge opportunity to re-shape the education workforce and will help reduce the workload of our hard-working school teaching staff and principals. It also provides an opportunity to develop the skills of new and existing teachers to maximise the outcomes for our learners.

Investment will be targeted to improve literacy, numeracy and early years education, and increase specialised expertise in hard to staff locations. And importantly, extra teachers will free up Principals to lead.

Our plan is about quality, not just quantity, and we are already working to ensure we are best placed to attract and support our teaching profession into the future.

I convened the Education Workforce Roundtable with Tasmania’s education leaders to contribute to the design and implementation of the More Teachers, Quality Teaching: four year Action Plan.

All members of the Roundtable are committed to working together to build a nation-leading system of co-ordinated education, training and professional learning for pre-service, early career and experienced teachers.

The Roundtable will deliver positive outcomes for schools, their principals and leaders, our hard working teachers, and above all, for our students.

This Government’s targeted investment in education, from birth through to year 12 and beyond, will ensure Tasmania has a job ready generation of young people with the skills to participate in a modern economy.