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Inspired to Teach in Tasmania

Teachers are one of the biggest influencers of student success; therefore quality teaching is critical to improving student learning and education outcomes in Tasmania.

Teachers are central to school improvement efforts. Improving the efficiency and equity of schooling depends, in large measure, on ensuring that competent people want to work as teachers, that their teaching is of high quality, and that all students have access to high quality teaching.

The Department of Education recently advertised exciting permanent opportunities for primary and secondary teachers at all career stages, levels of experience, and subject expertise.

Both Bonnie Hall (Teacher at Riverside High School) and Dan Brown (Teacher at Huonville Primary School) have been nominated as finalists in the Department’s Together We Inspire Awards and are passionate young teachers who are making a genuine difference to their students’ futures.

Bonnie’s teaching is predominantly in the areas of Maths and English, with experience in teaching Psychology and Geography. She has taught across all grades of high school, leading her students to high levels of engagement and success. Bonnie is committed to building positive and respectful relationships with all students focused on ensuring she understands the learning needs of her students and adapting her teaching and learning program to cater for, challenge and extend all students.

Bonnie Hall photo

The notion that any job worth doing is worth working hard for describes teaching well; teaching is both a challenging and rewarding career – where no day is the same as the last. Every teacher has a different passion for their job – this makes every teacher unique with different skills sets to cater for all students.

I love teaching because I am driven by the idea that every student has the right to an education and has the right to start everyday as a new day. I am passionate about our state, and it is rewarding to see Tasmanian students prosper in the many educational and extra-curricular opportunities offered to them. The Department of Education’s emphasis on the importance of quality teaching and learning means Tasmanian students have a lot to gain from the continually improving practices of Tasmanian teachers.

Dan is highly respected by his peers, his passion for teaching in the Early Years is infectious.  His classroom is a model for others to be inspired by and he openly shares his knowledge with colleagues to build capacity across the school.

His approachable and professional nature is appreciated by all stakeholders across the school and he is truly an asset for Huonville Primary School and the Department of Education.

Dan Brown photo

I love teaching because the possibilities and opportunities are infinite. Every day I have the opportunity to cultivate and encourage learning through curiosity, perseverance and thoughtfulness. Doing this in the Tasmanian context is all the more rewarding because we live in one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world, and the people I am lucky enough to work alongside are ambitious and determined to improve learning.

Im grateful to be a part of a great team at Huonville Primary School.  I have recently been given the opportunity to pursue inquiry based approached to teaching and learning and that’s something I am really passionate about.  I consider this approach to lend itself really well to the core values of the department but especially respect.  I think that by respecting each child’s unique journey, respecting their prior knowledge and respecting what they are interested in it really allows us to place them at the centre of the learning of confident and capable children.