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Department of Education Bushfire Support – Site closures and alternative provision arrangements

Due to the level of alert and predicted continuation of the current fire situation, a number of Department of Education sites will need to remain closed next two weeks to ensure the safety of students, staff and the community. The list of those affected sites can be found here.

Based on advice from the Tasmanian Fire Service four schools will be closed for the following two weeks. The Department has been working to determine when and what arrangements can be put in place to ensure that students aren’t missing out on school.

At this stage the following arrangements have been confirmed:

  • From Thursday 7th Glen Huon Primary students along with their teachers will be able to attend Huonville Primary School
  • From Friday 8th Geeveston Primary Students along with their teachers will be able to utilise dedicated spaces at Huonville High School
  • From Tuesday 12th students from Franklin Primary School along with their teachers will be able to attend Huonville Primary School
  • Also on Tuesday 12th Dover District School students along with their teachers will be able to attend Huonville High School.

The Department is currently working with the Department of State Growth to determine what interim transport arrangements may be available, as soon as these arrangements are confirmed they will be communicated to families.

Kindergarten students from Dover, Geeveston, Franklin and Glen Huon will be delayed to the week commencing 12th February to ensure the right environment is in place to support the wellbeing of these younger students as they embark on their school journey.

It is important that the school environment is safe and welcoming and will support these students that are currently experiencing a period of heightened stress and trauma due to the situation they have been placed in. Extra support staff will be in place in these schools to provide a high level of support.

Parents please do not be concerned about school levies and school book purchases at this time.  Schools will ensure that students have the resources they need.

Schools are also aware that uniforms may be an issue, and will understand if students are not able to wear their school uniform.

At this point in time it is expected that Westerway Primary School will be open to welcome students on Wednesday 6th of February.

It is also expected that Cygnet Primary will be open to welcome students, however we will be working closely with Public Health to ensure the issues around air quality are monitored and different arrangements may have to be put in place to reduce students’ exposure to smoke.

If your child/children have relocated to another area of the state the Department is offering temporary placements in a local Government School. For your child to attend a local school during your temporary relocation, please contact Learning Services at the contacts below who will support you through this process.

Northern Region (includes North West) – 6777 2440

Southern Region – 6165 6466