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A Plan for the Wellbeing of School Principals

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Achieving our aspirations for learners in Tasmania’s schools starts with committed, capable and energised principals.

The Principal Wellbeing Action Plan was launched today and recognises that ensuring principals are able to flourish in their complex roles is critical to maximising and sustaining positive learning environments and improvement in student learning.

The Principal Wellbeing Action Plan identifies 12 new actions the Department of Education will take in response to wellbeing issues that principals themselves identified during consultation last year.

It also identifies seven commenced actions the Department of Education is already progressing to respond to wellbeing issues raised by principals.

These actions include a structured mentoring program to facilitate personal wellbeing growth; expert advice and debriefing to manage the impacts of critical incidents; and support to manage staff performance.

New actions will begin during the 2019 school year, and continue to be rolled out in 2020 and 2021.

Central to the Action Plan is the creation of two new Principal Wellbeing Leader positions, based in the Northern and Southern Regions, to lead a coordinated and sustained approach to principal wellbeing over the long-term.

The Principal Wellbeing Action Plan represents a significant Government investment in supporting its education leaders to flourish and thrive, recognising their central role in raising the outcomes of our students.

For a one page summary of Actions please view this document.