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Minister’s Update – May 2019

A picture of Jodee Wilson, Tim Bullard, Rufus Black, and Jeremy Rockliff attending the Education Workforce Roundtable Meeting

The Education Minister, Jeremy Rockliff, attended the Education Workforce Roundtable meeting held on Wednesday 15 May 2019. The Minister received an update on the Roundtable’s More Teachers, Quality Teaching action plan and confirmed the government’s ongoing commitment to student focussed outcomes and education staff to deliver quality teaching for all learners.

Roundtable members discussed collaborative initiatives underway between the Department and the University of Tasmania. These initiatives focus on building a pipeline of quality teachers for schools by; strengthening the initial teacher education delivered by UTAS, expanding the Department’s Teacher Intern Placement Program, and expanding the support given to early career teachers.

Delivering a positive early career ‘experience’ for Tasmanian teachers will ensure our schools have access to teachers with quality practices suited to the Tasmanian context, and improve future teacher recruitment and retention.

The Roundtable looks forward to its next meeting with the Minister in November 2019.

A picture of Tim Bullard talking to Rufus Black at the Education Workforce Roundtable Meeting
A picture of Cameron Dinnessen, Sally Milbourne, Karen Swabey, and Natalie Brown attending the Education Workforce Roundtable meeting.