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Become a Teacher at the Department of Education

The Department of Education is launching a new recruitment drive which is designed to attract more quality teachers to commence from Term 1, 2020.

Recruitment activities for 2019 are building on the success of the 2018 campaign which saw 69 Teachers employed in a permanent capacity from the beginning of this year.

During Term 2 2019, the initial focus has been on providing an avenue for talented contract teachers already working in classrooms to gain permanency.  This has involved eligible employees undertaking a formal and rigorous process to demonstrate quality teaching practice.

This process is ensuring that more quality teachers remain in the state system.  A total of 70 existing fixed term teachers were offered permanent jobs from this process.

It will focus on attracting talent to regional and rural areas, as well as high priority schools, aimed at increasing specialised expertise in hard to staff locations to support student outcomes.

The suite of recruitment strategies to attract and create a qualified, motivated and innovative teaching workforce aligns with our More Teachers, Quality Teaching Action Plan, which is a key output of the Education Workforce Roundtable.

The Tasmanian Government is investing $145 million on 250 new teachers and 80 teacher assistants over the next six years.

This investment is helping us to re-shape the education workforce and reduce the workload of our hard working teaching staff and school principals.

We are working hard to ensure Tasmania has a job ready generation of young people with the skills to participate in a modern economy.

For more information on the teaching position opportunities, please visit this link. Applications close on 5 August.