Monthly Archives: October 2019


2018-19 Annual Report

Today the Minister for Education and Training tabled the Department’s 2018-19 Annual Report. The Annual Report details the achievements from across the Department’s broad range of services and activities.   To view the Annual Report go to


Teachers Registration Amendment Bill 2019 tabled in Parliament

The Teachers Registration Amendment Bill 2019 has been tabled in Parliament. In September 2019 the Department of Education ran a consultation process on a draft Bill. The Department received five submissions that have been published in accordance with Government Policy.  To view the submissions please visit – The final Bill has been tabled and…


Learning in Families Together (LIFT) Re-Launch

This week it was announced that the successful LIFT Initiative will not only continue to be delivered but will now be extended to a further 29 schools – this means 109 schools will receive targeted support through the relaunch of the initiative. LIFT commenced in schools at the beginning of 2016 with a purpose of…


Teach, Learn, Live Tasmania

Teachers make a difference every single day and we want to attract the best and brightest to work in our schools to ensure Tasmania has a job ready generation of young people with the skills to succeed in life There has  been an exceptional response to our latest teacher recruitment drive, with a large number of…


Educational Adjustments – disability funding, meeting learner needs

In 2020 a new nation leading disability funding approach will be rolled out across Tasmanian Government schools. Educational Adjustments – disability funding, meeting learner needs will make a huge difference for our students by aligning resourcing to individual need. Approximately 2,000 additional students will now be supported under the new model, and it will also…


Tasmanian students have a say in their wellbeing

The Government has released the data from the Student Wellbeing Survey that Tasmanian government school students completed during Term 3 2019 with a total of 95 per cent of Tasmanian students reporting they have a good relationship and support from their teachers. For the first time in Tasmanian Government Schools we have a shared understanding…