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Educational Adjustments – disability funding, meeting learner needs

In 2020 a new nation leading disability funding approach will be rolled out across Tasmanian Government schools.

Educational Adjustmentsdisability funding, meeting learner needs will make a huge difference for our students by aligning resourcing to individual need.

Approximately 2,000 additional students will now be supported under the new model, and it will also mean more Support Teachers will be available to directly help our students.

This model has been developed through significant consultation with school principals, teachers, professional support staff, parents and key stakeholders and is underpinned by core principles, including: equity and fairness; integrity in needs assessment; and accountability.

To ensure a smooth roll out, moderation teams have, and will continue to visit each school to ensure students with disability receive the individual learning adjustments they need.

The move to a needs based funding model was identified through the 2014 Ministerial Taskforce to support children and young people with disability.

It will continue to be progressed with an additional $34 million allocated over the next four years ($4 million in 2019‑20, $8 million in 2020‑21 and $11 million in both 2021-22 and 2022-23).

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