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Tasmanian students have a say in their wellbeing

The Government has released the data from the Student Wellbeing Survey that Tasmanian government school students completed during Term 3 2019 with a total of 95 per cent of Tasmanian students reporting they have a good relationship and support from their teachers.

For the first time in Tasmanian Government Schools we have a shared understanding of the wellbeing of our learners in their own voice:

Wellbeing means …“How healthy you are, whether or not you feel good, and how you feel at school and at home.”

When my wellbeing is low, to make me feel better I … “stop thinking about it and go do something funplay outside with my friends spend time with my family … or talk to one of my favourite teachers

This survey will take place annually with the data providing a deeper insight into the range of factors that influence a young person’s learning and engagement with the results to be used to support whole school approaches to student wellbeing. Schools will work closely with families and the broader school community to understand the wellbeing data and use it to positively impact student wellbeing and learning.