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Teach, Learn, Live Tasmania

Teachers make a difference every single day and we want to attract the best and brightest to work in our schools to ensure Tasmania has a job ready generation of young people with the skills to succeed in life

There has  been an exceptional response to our latest teacher recruitment drive, with a large number of high quality applications outlining a diverse range of skills, experience and specialisations.

A further 113 teachers have been offered permanent employment this month to commence Term 1, 2020.

Recruitment activities for 2019 have built on the success of the 2018 campaign which saw 69 teachers employed in a permanent capacity from the beginning of 2019.

The focus of the 2019 campaign has been on attracting talent to regional and rural areas, as well as high priority schools aimed at increasing specialised expertise in hard to staff locations to support student outcomes.

To further support teacher recruitment, the Teach Tasmania campaign has been launched as part of our commitment to a great public education system in Tasmania.

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