Further schools to extend to Year 12 in 2021

The next round of schools preparing to extend to Year 12 in 2021, have been announced.

The latest schools to extend are Bothwell District High School, Brooks High School, Cosgrove High School, Exeter High School, Montrose Bay High School, Queechy High School and Riverside High School.

These schools will join 43 around Tasmania that have already extended to Years 11 and 12, as well as a further four schools that have committed to extending from next year.

One of the key ways we can increase the number of our students completing Year 12 is to provide educational pathways that meet the needs of all Tasmanian students.

By extending high schools we ensure that students can choose to complete their senior secondary school education at their local school, recognising that there may be barriers to students accessing College or other further education.