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Mobile Phone Ban in Schools

Mobile phones will be banned during school hours at Tasmanian Government Schools in a bid to reduce distraction in the classroom and encourage greater student interaction in the schoolyard.

As part of the soon to be released policy, students from Kinder to Year 12 will be required to have their phones “off and away all day”.

While electronic devices have a place in learning, we also need to acknowledge the issues that can occur when their use is not regulated such as cyberbullying and serious distraction.

The decision follows significant consultation with educators, students and their families, and brings Tasmania in line with other states which have moved to impose restrictions on mobile phones.

Importantly, a number of schools have already implemented a ban with Principals reporting an increase in student wellbeing and more face to face interaction between students.

The ban will be implemented from term two next year, with a review to be undertaken after twelve months. Years 11 and 12 will retain an ‘opt out’ option, subject to approval of and in consultation with their School Association.

Exemptions will be made for special circumstances such as where a student needs to monitor a health condition, or is under the direct instruction of a teacher for educational purposes.

We want students to embrace this change so we will be inviting students to show off their creativity skills by designing a poster to support the message that phones are off and away all day

Supporting documentation, including details about the poster competition, will be provided to schools prior to the end of Term 4 and published on the Department of Education website.