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School Levies Relief – Refund Process

The health, safety and wellbeing of Tasmanians is our number one priority as we face the challenges of COVID-19 together.

Refunding school levies paid to Government schools is one way we are trying to reduce financial pressures on parents and carers during this crisis.  The Government has fast tracked work to develop and implement a safe and secure process for parents/carers to provide their bank details to enable reimbursements directly into bank accounts.

From today until 1 May a simple on-line form and related instructions have been made available here:

The online form can be completed on a computer, lap-top, tablet or mobile phone with internet capabilities. Safety and security steps have been built into this process to ensure complete confidentiality for parents/carers.

Once validation has occurred and the on-line form is completed and submitted the reimbursement of funds will occur within five business days.

DoE will offer an alternative arrangement where this online option may not be possible.

For more information please visit: