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Supporting Tasmanian Year 12 Students into University

In these uncertain times The Tasmanian Government is committed to support student learning outcomes, along with their health and wellbeing.

Today, the University of Tasmania announced that they would be introducing a Schools Recommendation Program for Tasmanian Year 12 students.  Recognising that this has been an unprecedented year and Year 12 students’ study may be disrupted due to the implications of COVID-19, the University and Department of Education have been working together to assist students wanting to go on to university study next year.

This program is designed to relieve students’ stress, and ensure disruptions do not impact on their future.  It will allow them to be admitted to the University of Tasmania based on the recommendation of their school, and not just the results of their formal assessments.

The program requires students to complete their Year 12 studies and does not replace other mechanisms such as the ATAR, but offers an alternative for students to give them assurance about their future earlier in the year.

The criteria for the program will include factors such as students’ Year 11 results, an assessment of their capabilities and the perspective of those who have taught them. This acknowledges that it is the teachers who know their students best and can assess their readiness for university.

Students will be able to apply for their courses in Term 2, with offers to go students in Term 3. This will reduce the pressure on students and allow them to focus on finishing Year 12 in the best possible manner.

This initiative has involved broad consultation with the leaders of Department of Education, Catholic Education Tasmania and Independent Schools Tasmania and has been welcomed by all sectors.

For more information, contact the University of Tasmania directly here.