Tasmanian students to return to learning at school

The health and safety of all Tasmanian students has always been our top priority as we face the many challenges of COVID-19.  While keeping children at home for their learning, where possible, has helped to limit the spread of COVID-19 within our community, we must now look to return students to classrooms in a considered way.

This is an important step in our recovery. 

While the current advice remains that the best place for students to learn is currently at home if they can be supervised and supported to do so, Public Health advice continues to be that our school sites are safe for students and staff. 

Our approach to returning to learning at school is a staged approach to ensure that we are continuing to manage the movement of people across our community, as we gradually lift restrictions in line with advice from Public Health, and the Government’s Roadmap to Recovery.

We now have a staged timeline in place to re-open Tasmanian Government schools by early June.  This will provide sufficient time and clarity for students, teachers and families to prepare for the change and will get our youngest and senior secondary learners back to face-to-face learning first, where learning is at greatest risk from an extended period of learning at home.

From Monday May 25 2020:

  • Kindergarten to Year 6 students will return to learning at school
    • All Year 11 and 12 students return to learning at school (including Extension Schools).
    • Students in Year 7 to 10 will continue to learn at home.

From Tuesday June 9 2020:

  • Year 7-10 students (all remaining students) will return to learning at school

We ask that you please continue to keep your child learning at home until their proposed return date, as this is vital in our plan to continue to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and will also give our teachers and schools additional support in planning for students to return to school sites.  Importantly, children that cannot be supported to learn at home will continue to be able to attend school for supervision as they currently do. 

Once schools are open again to all students,  if parents choose to keep their children at home then they will need to support their learning through other resources such as the Learning at Home web portal on the Department’s website.  Health and hygiene at schools is still critical so we will continue to ensure additional safety measures are in place across all our sites. For more information please see our Parent Fact Sheet and Return to Learning at School FAQs.

Child and Family Centres are currently open providing limited services, and they will be developing site by site plans on resuming a wider range of services.  From 18 May 2020, Libraries will begin to implement a staged approach as well to increasing their services in line with advice from Public Health.