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Teach, Learn, Live Podcast: Episode 1

Illustration for promotion of the Teach, Learn, Live Podcast episode featuring Kerry McMinn from Albuera Street Primary School and Tim Bullard.

Kerry McMinn, Albuera Street Primary School

Welcome to the Teach, Learn, Live Podcast. Join Tim Bullard, Secretary of the Tasmanian Department of Education, to learn about what’s happening in public education right across Tasmania.

Every day, students, teachers, families and communities are working hard to ensure young Tasmanians have the skills they need to respond to a rapidly changing world.

Hear from engaging teachers, inspiring school leaders and amazing communities who are making a difference as they teach, learn and live in Tasmania.

In today’s episode, Tim speaks with one of Tasmania’s principals, Kerry McMinn from Albuera Street Primary School, to discover how their schools and communities have worked together throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This episode celebrates the role of school leaders and highlights one of our inspirational leaders who is working with her school community to deliver outstanding teaching and learning outcomes.

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