Inquiry into Education Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

The safety of children and students is a key priority for the Tasmanian Government.

Today, the Minister for Education announced an independent inquiry into education responses to child sexual abuse.

The Inquiry is to ensure that the legislation, policies, practices and procedures (‘systems’) utilised by the Department of Education operate in a way that  minimises the risk of child sexual abuse within Tasmanian Government Schools.

The Inquiry will take into account the reforms already undertaken within the Department and the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse already agreed to by the Tasmanian Government. 

We want to ensure we do everything we can to make sure that children and young people in our schools are safe.

The Attorney General has been delegated authority to appoint a suitably qualified person to conduct the inquiry. The appointment process will be overseen by the Department of Justice, and will ensure that decisions regarding the reviewer will be kept at arms-length from the Minister for Education and the Department of Education. 

A Report will be publicly released at the end of the process,  the terms of reference is also publicly available here.