Review of Education Regulation Discussion Paper Released

Public consultation has now commenced on the Review of Education Regulation with the release of a Discussion Paper.

The Review is the Government’s next step in modernising education regulation in Tasmania so that it is re-designed to better meet the needs of children and young people and prepares them well for the future.

The aim of the review is not to change what the entities do, rather it is about improving how they are delivering their existing functions including:

  • A modern governance framework that allows an agile approach to delivering essential functions;
  • A sustainable, transparent, and more efficient funding model;
  • A model that drives the adoption of better practice regulation focused on delivering educational outcomes for learners; and
  • A model which ensures the provision of independent advice to the Minister.

All stakeholder and community members are encouraged to engage in the consultation process and have their say.  Further Information, including accessing a copy of the Discussion Paper, is available on the Review of Education Regulation page.