Talk and Read resources in the early years

The Bouncing Back – Talk and Read Project provides families of children from birth to Kindergarten, fun ideas about talking and reading that can support children’s learning both at home and at school.

Schools will be receiving resources during Term 3 to distribute to:
• families that were participating in Launching into Learning (LiL) sessions during Term 1
• families with a student in Kindergarten

Families will receive a bag with resources and ideas for talking, reading and playing with children. 

Electronic versions of family resources can be found on the Bouncing Back webpage: 

Kids opening library bags


The project also provides resources for LiL, Kindergarten, Child and Family Centres, ECIS and Library educators focused on talking, reading and physical development.

The Bouncing Back – Talk and Read Project aims to engage and support families of children from birth to Kindergarten with key learning at home messages about talking and reading (components of oral language).

We would like to congratulate families and schools for your great job in supporting children’s learning at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have heard that this experience supported many families to engage with their children’s learning, their teacher, and their school more than ever before.

These Talk and Read Bags will build on the partnerships that have been formed between families and schools.

Kids opening library bags