2020 Student Wellbeing Survey – Statewide Report

Graphic element saying Safe Well and Positive Learners. Student Wellbeing Survey 2020

A strong sense of wellbeing enables children to be safe, supported and able to actively engage in learning.

Today the Minister for Education attended Campbell St Primary to release the 2020 Student Wellbeing Survey Statewide Report.

By listening to students and understanding their needs we can improve on our learner’s wellbeing and engagement in learning.

Approximately 30,000 Tasmanian students participated in the 2020 Student Wellbeing Survey.

The 2020 data indicates that student wellbeing is relatively stable compared to this time last year.

Key findings include:

  • 96 per cent of students reported they had good relationships and support from their teachers;
  • 91 per cent of students felt connected to adults in their home;
  • 86 per cent of students feel safe at school; and
  • 76 per cent of students felt that teachers and students care about each other and treat each other with respect.

This data is an important tool to inform our approach to wellbeing in our schools and it will be used to plan and implement programs and professional learning to directly support the wellbeing of all students.

Further information on the Department’s approach to wellbeing can be found on the Child and Student Wellbeing webpage.

Any questions on the Student Wellbeing Survey please contact the Child and Student Wellbeing Unit