Cosgrove High School

On Saturday evening Cosgrove High School’s B-Block was extensively damaged due to fire.  This block houses five classrooms (used for Year 9 and 10 classes) as well as staff offices. Most of the active burning occurred in the office area then through the roof, however the whole block is smoke, and water affected.

B-block will require substantial work. We have been advised that for this reason, we cannot have students on-site at Cosgrove for at least two weeks. This decision has been made in the interests of student and staff safety.

From this Thursday (26th November), learning will be provided to students face to face on the Claremont College site for a period of up to two weeks.  If it is considered safe to do so, there is potential that Cosgrove may be reopened sooner than this. 

Key details regarding face to face learning at Claremont College include:

  • Cosgrove High staff will relocate with students to the college.   
  • There will not be any college students on site at this time.
  • There will be transport arrangements for those students who require it.  Details of these arrangements are still being worked on. 
  • Additional support staff have been engaged to ensure that students are supported during this time. Cosgrove support staff and senior staff will also be based at Claremont College.
  • The School is working with students to ensure that those important planned  end-of-year celebrations are not impacted by this event.

The School has worked quickly to ensure that the impact on student learning is as reduced as possible.   They will continue to communicate with the school community as they work towards returning students back to the Cosgrove High School site. 

The School has been overwhelmed by the community support following the fire, and would also like to acknowledge the support provided by staff at Claremont College.