Extraordinary! A Celebration of Collaboration

On 5 November 2020, we brought together staff across the state to celebrate overcoming the challenges of this unprecedented year.

We live-streamed across the state to schools, libraries, CFCs and business units. The event included student performances; videos capturing the stories of working through COVID-19. We also recognised staff who have reached 25 Years of Service in the last year.

This event showcased the courage, collaboration and creativity that was required across the Department in delivering online education. But most importantly, provided an opportunity to say thank you.

There was sunshine even in the darkest days of COVID-19, but we truly saw ourselves as one team. From King Island to Dover; Bicheno to Queenstown we became ‘Team Education’.

We knew that our learners deserved more than a year reduced to surviving COVID. We knew that a year’s worth of growth was not a thing to be wasted. We knew that the future doesn’t have to just ‘unfold’ on its own.
The way we came together to make sure that that happened for our learners was EXTRAORDINARY.