How Declan is making a difference

Grade 10 Taroona High School student, Declan, has inspired staff and students by channelling his creativity to make a difference for future students.

Declan is diagnosed with Autism and this year started a small business, designing a range of tees, totes, stickers and socks, all printed with his unique designs from creatures that live in his fantasy universe.

Declan is a brilliant artist, has a deep knowledge of evolution and physics and finds it much easier to engage in his own worlds than with other people or academic content. He loves animals (especially cats!) and his universe follows a detailed story involving animals and creatures from the past, present and future, which have been the inspiration behind his designs.

Declan has conducted surveys, contacted printing companies, sold his goods and calculated profits while running his business.

Declan is going to donate most of his profits to the school to buy regulation tools for students with autism who may not feel comfortable using a space like the Learning Centre. He is interested in headphones, theraputty, bean bags and lava lamps as options. With the rest of his takings, he is going to invest in more tools of the trade – pencils, paper, erasers and textas.

The school has wholeheartedly embraced his efforts with students and teachers wandering the halls in his fantastic creations daily!

We are confident you will see Declan’s work for years to come in galleries and on textiles all over the world. With Christmas just around the corner, his products would also make for some good last minute Christmas gifts!

If you’re interested in purchasing some of Declan’s products, contact the Taroona High School office or visit

Declan and fellow students