Review of Education Regulation Report Released

Today, the Minister for Education and Training released the Review of Education Regulation Steering Committee Report. The Report provides a range of recommendations to improve the regulatory framework governing education in Tasmania.  All the recommendations have been accepted by the Minister. 

Education regulation contributes to the quality of education received by Tasmanian learners and their safety. It supports the quality of the teaching they experience, the quality of their assessment, the quality of their schools and their engagement in learning.

This is an important milestone in the project with the recommendations reflecting best practice governance principles and a greater focus on achieving outcomes for learners, along with consideration of feedback received during consultation.  

A copy of the Steering Committee Report, along with a What We Heard Report which summarises feedback received during consultation, can be found at:

Work will now commence on implementing the recommendations, including drafting necessary changes to legislation.

A draft bill will be made available for public consultation, as it is anticipated that amendments will be brought before Parliament in 2021.