Inaugural STEM conference a huge success!

On Friday 26 February, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths teachers from across Tasmania came together to take part in the Department’s inaugural STEM conference held in Launceston.

Our teachers heard from keynote speakers Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith (Women in STEM Ambassador) and Dr Cathy Foley (Chief Scientist of Australia), embracing the opportunity to collaborate, network with peers and develop partnerships with STEM industry professionals.

There were also various workshops and demonstrations throughout the day which allowed teachers to explore new ideas to inspire students to engage in STEM.

Some of the demonstrations and showcases included:

  • A-Lab service and digital equipment demonstrations
  • Field Study Centre showcases
  • The ORB demonstrations
  • UTAS Derby Cars demonstration
  • SUBS in schools showcase

Here is what some of the participants had to say about the day:

“Wow this conference impressed me! Great opportunity to network and I was able to bring home ideas which were ready-to-go. Everyone I engaged with at the conference was supportive and collaborative!” – Kiara-Lee, Science & Maths Teacher

“The workshops were excellent! I will definitely be able to use what I learned in my practice. The best PL I have done in a long time!” – Maree, Science Teacher

“I absolutely loved listening to the keynote speaker, Professor Harvey-Smith. Her story was incredibly interesting and inspiring. She spoke well and was really engaging!” – Maryanne, Lab Technician

“The workshop presenter was great, and the content was well-linked to the curriculum across many year levels.” – Marnie, Year 6 Teacher

“I came away with ideas to integrate all sorts of units with a STEM focus in all classroom settings. It was a great day!” – Ally, Early Years Teacher

Overall, it was a huge success and fantastic to hear that staff found it so valuable! Until next year!