Talk Read Play Parent Survey Results

Have you had a “sidecar” conversation with your kids lately?

Or surprised them with a hypothetical question?

“There’s a zombie attack at school, which teacher do you find and why?”

This is how some Tassie parents get their kids talking. These ideas and more were part of what you told us in last’s year’s online Talk Read Play survey.

A big thankyou to the 482 families who filled it in and told us about the chats they had with their kids.

Some of you have kids that can talk under water. But others have tweens and teens who hide in their rooms or behind screens and devices.

The car was a favourite place to have chat. As many parents noted, the beauty of “a sidecar conversation” is that you don’t have to look each other in eye. It’s also hard for your kids to escape!

You can read more about the survey results.

Results of Talk Read Play Parent Survey presented as an infographic. Text version is also available if required.

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