Creating Friendships through STEM

Getting ready before school is a challenge for most kids, but for 11-year-old Matty from North West Support School, it’s even more so. Matty has a rare blood disorder called Fanconi anaemia which causes him to have shortened limbs and it makes things like putting on his deodorant in the morning really hard.

Two years ago, through the Young Leaders of Tasmania buddy program, Matty met the now 13-year-old Murphy and the two quickly became friends. When Murphy realised he could help Matty with his deodorant problem, he didn’t waste any time in getting started. Working through his break times, Murphy used a 3D printer to design a plastic deodorant holder that would allow Matty to reach his armpits and apply his own deodorant.

Murphy is now in high school, but he and Matty still spend a lot of time together and are working on making their design even better.

ABC Article: 3D printing solved Matty’s deodorant problem and brought two friends together