Gifted Online Goes Offline !

To celebrate National Gifted Awareness Week students in three Gifted Online courses have met each other and their teachers in face to face workshops for the first time.

This week, students in Ad Astra Senior, Infinity Squared and Science Inquires gathered at the parnaple Centre in Devonport and the Tailrace Centre in Launceston. The workshops have provided the opportunity for students to:

  • get to know each other
  • participate in practical science and maths challenges
  • hear from Utas academic guest speakers
  • learn how to look after their wellbeing with Anja Zimmermann from Calm Kidz.

Another session is being held next week for students in the greater Hobart area. In total, over 200 students from 44 different primary schools across Tasmania were  invited to attend a workshop in their region.

Students have particularly enjoyed:

  • co-operatively constructing towers
  • exploding sticks
  • creating their own democracies
  • controlling their Amygdala’s
  • watching the construction of tiny houses and
  • learning about Tasmanian bats from a Zoologist.
Group photo of students and teeachers in a group looking excited for the camera. Some with hands raised

Group photo from the Launceston Workshop

Group photo of students and teachers smiling and posing for the camera.  Some with hands raised for the camera.

Group photo from the Devonport Workshop