Education Amendment Bill out for consultation

The draft Education Legislation Amendments (Education Regulation) Bill 2021 has been released for consultation today.
The Draft Bill will amend 6 separate pieces of legislation including the Education Act 2016, the Teachers Registration Act 2000 and the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification Act 2003. It also makes minor amendments to seven pieces of subordinate legislation.  
The Draft Bill makes important amendments such as: 

  • Broader application of the Education Act 2016 principles to facilitate an approach to regulation that is centred around the learner and achievement of outcomes for learners;
  • Providing for a performance framework for the regulators, including the development of outcome-based performance targets; and
  • Establishing skills-based boards for the Teachers Registration Board (TRB), Office of the Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC) and the Non-Government Schools Registration Board (NGSRB).

The Draft Bill has been developed following considerable consultation with stakeholders.  

We look forward to receiving further feedback from the community during this next round of consultation to further ensure that our regulatory framework meets the needs of our learners into the future.

The Draft Bill can be viewed at –

Consultation on the Draft Bill will close on 22 August.