Students make their mark

Students at Ravenswood Heights Primary School recently collaborated on a mural with  local graffiti artist KreamArt.

The mural features colourful messaging based on the Department of Education’s values of courage, aspiration, growth and respect. These values form the foundation for learning within the school community, with the mural acting as a celebration of this.

Principal Jason Gunn said that the aim of the mural was to “create a culture of learners who are passionate members of our school community.”

To date, feedback on the mural has been great. The entire school has been abuzz with excitement and pride from teachers and students alike. One happy student even exclaimed that being involved in painting the mural was “the best day of my life!” More widely families and community have been supportive and happy with the new addition.  

We can’t wait to see the final outcome! If you have mural or art project underway at your school, we would love to hear about it!