Child and Family Learning Centres

Child and Family Learning Centre branding - owl family

Today the Child and Family Centres (CFC’s) celebrated ten years of operating in Tasmania and supporting our families with children from pregnancy to 5 years.

There are currently 12 CFCs across Tasmania. Six more centres are being built in communities across the state by the end of 2023. 

The purpose of CFCs is to improve the health and wellbeing, education and care of Tasmania’s children in their early years by supporting parents, strengthening communities and enhancing the accessibility of services in the local community. 

To coincide with this very special day of celebration, it was announced that all Child and Family Centres in Tasmania will be renamed to Child and Family Learning Centres (CFLCs). 

The name change reflects that the primary purpose of CFLCs is early support and intervention for young children and their families. Each centre will provide free access to speech and language pathologists, school psychologists and social workers.

To coincide with the name change new CFLC branding has also been revealed. The new branding reflects centres as warm safe spaces where families can gather, and learning is embedded.

The branding uses Tasmanian Masked Owls to represent strong family ties. Masked Owl parents work together to nest, feed and raise their chicks for months. Owls are also a traditionally viewed as a symbol of wisdom, which helps to portray the CFLC values of learning, guidance and support.

Thanks must go to all those families who were involved in providing their feedback and direction through the development of the new branding.