The Department’s website in your language

Have you noticed our new translation tool at the top of this webpage?
We are making it easier for our students, families and community to get the information they need from our website, in their language.
This new tool is easier to find and can translate into more languages (over 100!).

Where to find the translate tool?
When using a desktop or laptop browser, you will see the translate icon and a drop-down menu above the Tasmanian Government logo:

When using a mobile device the translation tool sits within the menu. To access the tool, navigate to the top right of the webpage and tap the menu (hamburger) icon. You’ll find the translation tool sits below the Tasmanian Government logo:

How does it work?

The tool uses Google Translate to convert all content on our webpages into a chosen language. If you select a language on one page, it will apply across the whole site, as you click through to different pages.

Google Translate is the standard tool for a huge range of Government and other websites globally, and an app version has been installed on over one billion Android devices alone since it launched in 2010. It is an automated service though, so it’s important to note that it gives a good but approximate translation.

Our commitment to accessibility

The Department of Education is committed to meeting the accessibility needs of our community.

If you find that part of this website does not meet your accessibility needs, please email us at  

If you need support translating or interpreting this information, please contact the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450.