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Department of Education Publications


Department of Education Publications

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These brochures are also available from schools.

Annual Reports

The Department of Education Annual Report 2012-13 provides a comprehensive overview of the work of the Department of Education for the last financial year.
  • See below for reports from previous years.

 Previous Annual Reports


Infostream - General Notices

General Notices provide staff and non-government schools with information from departmental and non-departmental sources. Topics include student educational opportunities, professional development, and information about upcoming events and teacher and school resources. Submission details and guidelines.

Good News and Positive Feedback

Do you have good news or feedback about your school?  We would love to hear about it.  You can submit a positive story to us by:
  • Emailing  Please include story details, images and contact information, or
  • Posting the details to the Communications Manager, Corporate Services Division, Department of Education, GPO Box 169B, Hobart, 7001
  • Department of Education Photo Consent form (required for pictures of people)


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