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Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

School Breakfast Programs

Some schools have a breakfast program.

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety provides information and resources to support students, parents and schools with the responsible use of information and communication technologies.

Head Lice in Schools

While children are at school many families will have contact with head lice. The information contained here will help you treat and control head lice. This site is maintained by the Victorian Department of Health.

Healthy Young People (HYP)

Healthy Young People (HYP) is a joint collaboration between the Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, MindMatters and ACHPER, with funding provided under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health.  It is currently running as a pilot in some schools.

The goal of HYP is to develop and pilot approaches that enable young people to have greater access and opportunities for positive body image, adequate sleep, healthier food, better hydration and physical activity experiences.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases - Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania 

Infectious Diseases Table - Information Sheet

Whooping Cough - Information Sheet

Move Well Eat Well

This program works to promote healthy eating and physical activity as a normal and positive part of every child's day. It is an initiative of the Tasmanian Department of Health and supported by the Department Of Education.

Support for Student Carers

On the 17th October 2013, the Department of Education signed up to the Tasmanian Carers Action Plan 2013-2018. This important initiative formally recognises and increases awareness and respect for Tasmanian carers. The Plan seeks to improve the quality of life of Tasmania’s carers over the next five years.

Student Carers or Young Carers are young people who help care for a parent, a brother or sister, their own child, a grandparent, other relative, or maybe a friend who has a disability, mental illness or chronic illness, or who is frail and aged.


 Health and Wellbeing Documents

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