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Support for Schools and Teachers

Support for Schools and Teachers

A whole-of-school approach to managing the needs of young carers may impact positively on their ability to learn and their learning into the future. Senior leadership staff, teachers, support staff and administrative staff should be aware of the challenges which young carers face and the possible impact on their learning and associated outcomes. Some of the challenges faced by young people may include:
  • Getting to school
  • Arriving at school on time
  • Concentrating at school
  • Eating proper meals
  • Completing homework on time
  • Finding money to buy school uniforms, books, or equipment
  • Spending time with friends.
Many young carers say that they enjoy their caring role. However, we know that young carers who are not supported often face significant barriers to their own physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Resources and Information

The following resources may assist you in identifying a young carer in your school community and supporting them to ensure they have the opportunity to continue to learn and reach their potential.
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